About Us

5Our Mission:
Icon Realty is dedicated to making the purchase or sale of real estate a success by providing our clients with the knowledge and information necessary to make informed decisions. The best interest of our clients will always come first. The quality of service we provide is iconic and our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Agents:
Besides hiring the best agents, we provide the best industry training to our agents. Our training addresses market changes, industry standards, legal issues, customer service, and many other aspects of the real estate industry. We pride ourselves on providing top notch training to our agents so they can provide top notch service to our customers.

Our Pledge:
Whether buying or selling, we pledge to:

- Dedicate ourselves to making your purchase of sale as successful as possible.
-Respect you as a client & put your interests first
- Value your time and be as efficient as possible.
- Respond quickly to your questions and needs.
- Consult and communicate with you on a regular basis throughout your transaction.
- Explain local real estate procedures and regulations.
- Provide you with the best service we can!

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